Shure Vocal Mastery in your country

Find out which country-specific prizes or which test case offers are available in your country.
  • Borrow the test case

See activities in Belgium

  • Borrow the test case

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  • Exklusiver Sonderpreis für Teilnehmer aus Deutschland: 5575LE

Informationen speziell für Teilnehmer aus Deutschland.

  • Special Award for Vocal Mastery participants from Hungary: SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

See activities in Hungary

  • Trovare il Case “TryBeforeBuy”
  • Un premio Speciale: Auricolari Shure SE215

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  • Win a special award for participants from the Middle East

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  • Conoce los premios exclusivos para los participantes españoles y portugueses en el Shure Vocal Mastery.
  • Consulta en qué tiendas puedes testear los micrófonos profesionales Shure.

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