Artist: Vera ‘Fox’ Ivanova

“Olimp” by Vera ‘Fox’ Ivanova (Russia)

Artist: Vera ‘Fox’ Ivanova

Songname: Olimp

Song Credits: WOLLTZ Band

Image Credits: Diana Akchurina

About me:
Music is my life, is the air I breathe.

I am a vocal coach, I have founded my own vocal studio Fox Sound. I also conduct master classes and different educational events in order to bring as much as possible the correct information about singing to those who is eager to learn.

Beside the teaching I am also a performing vocalist. I’m very happy to be in the two wonderful bands.

Blackberry epic Band – is a rock cover band where we play our favorite rock songs or rock covers to songs in other genres. It’s where I can share my especial love for rock music. There’s a great energy, drive, epic songs and real rock show!

WOLLTZ – band’s music is rock based with experiments in electronic music, synth-pop and new retro wave. I present here our single “Olimp”. Soon we will present our first album.

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