Artist: J.Rochester

“Out of me” by J.Rochester (Spain)

Artist: J.Rochester

Songname: Out of me

Song Credits: Elizabeth Olea (J.Rochester)

Image Credits: Elizabeth Olea (J.Rochester)

About me:
J.Rochester takes her name of her own guitar. She born in Chile in 1990 and moved to Spain in 2003. She composed her first son when she was 14 just to prove herself that she was able to write songs. This first song was discarded and then she started the real composition. At the age of 18 she started singing in pubs and some music halls in acoustic format. J.Rochester defines her own style with a singular voice that reminds to Norah Jones but suddenly changes to a soul singer. In 2012 met his current band. In 2013 they pubished their first EP “La Mirada del tiempo” in Bandcamp and record their first videoclip filmed in Valencia, “Tristeza Acomodada”, available in Youtube.

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