Artist: Marcello Graduato

“Ancora una volta” by Marcello Graduato (Italy)

Artist: Marcello Graduato

Songname: Ancora una volta

Song Credits: Compositore: Marcello Graduato.
Autore: Marcello Graduato.

Image Credits: Creator Image: Massimo Graduato

About me:
My name is Marcello Graduato, singer-songwriter born in Teramo on 25/09/1988. Beginning to play guitar at age 9 and from there undertake an artistic varied and very intense. Sound cover in various groups to understand that I wanted more out of music and in 2005 undertake a solo career. In 2006 I compose a musical called my hourglass and writing songs for the band. In 2012 begin to compose songs of nature also blues and pop/rock. In 2013 the song “Pieno di vita” is chosen and selected by the label record company Roman Universe along with atria my four songs for the National compilation “Hit Mania”. The December 10, 2013 comes Hit Mania Box 2014 in all stores in Italy, containing the songs “Pieno di vita” and “Va che caldo passano anche i cammelli”.
In January 2014 he participates in the song contest will gauges, organized by Delta Radio 1, classifying the first with the song Pieno di vita.
April 4, 2014, was re-released on Hit Mania Champions with “non fare la dieta” and “Quante cose al mondo cambierei”, and, given the success of the web piece Pieno di vita, the record label has decided to propose it again on Hit Mania Spring and time of interview in the magazine Hit Mania Magazine.
My songs were sent rolling on 8 different radio, including Radio Centrale, where I finished in first place for 12 consecutive weeks, Radio Frequenza, Radio Monte Velino, Radio Mille cuori, G Radio, Radio Cremonia, Radio Loco (Bergamo) and Radio Dance 24. For the last two, I also created a radio spot.
I was a guest on numerous television shows, on television stations Super J Channel, Vera TV, Tele Ponte and Rete8.
The May 11 I was the only musical guest at the Teatro Manzoni in Rome, for the festival Literary Prize Under 30 he saw many famous people as guests of the Italian TV.
On 18 February 2015, I was released my first EP titled Pieno di vita, containing four original songs of my repertoire and the music video of the title track made in collaboration with director Ivan D’Antonio. Participate in the contest for Primo Maggio Roma 2015 in Rome, where between 700 Members will we access in 120 and I qualified in tenth position out of 700 valid Artists. The two great society organizers of concert “Primo Maggio Roma 2015” or “Ruvido Produzioni and iCompany”, have chosen 42 artists for the compilation “Primo Maggio Roma 1MNext 2015” and also bought me. On June 06, 2015 “Primo Maggio Roma” public, in all digital stores, the compilation dedicated to new artists emerging National where is my song “Pieno di vita”. The May 2, 2015, as the football team Teramo came in Serie B, I am summoned by Nicoletta Dale to take part in the restyling of the Hymn of Teramo. The July 26, 2015 I share the stage with GiĆ² di Tonno and Monica Hill in San Salvo Marina (CH). In the summer of 2015 I was involved in the Tour Village of Rete8 where I proposed to my music in different areas of the Abruzzo. I am currently working on the creation of my new album. Follow me because I have a lot to offer in the magical world of music and many songs in the drawer just waiting to come out.

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