Artist: Celica Soldream

“Electric Sun” by Celica Soldream (Spain)

Artist: Celica Soldream

Songname: Electric Sun

Song Credits: Music, Edition and Mastering by Abel Vegas. Composition by Celica Soldream and Abel Vegas. Lyrics and vocals by Celica Soldream.

© Celica Soldream 2015

Image Credits: Credtis: Photography by Screamforme

© Celica Soldream 2015

About me:
Hello! I’m Celica Soldream from Madrid, Spain. I could say I sing since I can remember. I like almost every kind of music, but rock, metal, celtic, epic music and OSTs are on the top of my list. One way or another, music has always been in my life, and now it’s an important part of me. I can’t imagine living without it. For me it would be a dream come true going to London and have an amazing experience with a professional team, in a professional studio.

Years ago I didn’t even imagine becoming a professional singer. However, inspiration came to me in 2013, after being one of the 20 winners of “Two Steps From Hell Cover Contest”, and I’m working hard to follow my own path in such a difficult world.

I’m currently the lead vocalist of the rockband Cotard (Madrid). I also work as a freelance singer for musicians and composers, specially epic music for trailers, demos, commercials and soundtracks. I also recorded the solo voice for the “Heroica” Sample Library, just available in “Era 2: Medieval Legends Limited Edition” by Eduardo Tarilonte. Meanwhile I’m taking singing lessons in Albert’s Voices Academy (Madrid), studying music thanks to Berklee College Online, and preparing my Rockschool’s exams.

Please, do not hesitate to visit my soundcloud profile if you like my music, or contact me by private message on my Facebook site. Comments and feedback about my work is always very welcome.

Finally, thank you very much once again for your time and interest. I hope you enjoy this song the same way I do, because we spent a nice time working hard on it and a funny time that may be worth a few minutes of your time to set your headphones and listen.

Good luck to all participants! 😉

Celica Soldream

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