Artist: Sabelo Mthembu

“Counting on time” by Sabelo Mthembu (South Africa)

Artist: Sabelo Mthembu

Songname: Counting on time

Song Credits: Sabelo Mthembu

Image Credits: Francis Mukuna

About me:
Sabelo Mthembu is a musically dynamic South African singer and songwriter whose passion for music can be traced back to his very early childhood. Like most artists, he started singing at the tender age of five in church and became an instant favourite. He holds a strong background of classical music as both a singer and a writer, having sung in the University of Johannesburg Choir for 6 years, conducting and directing an acappella music group called Quava and writing and arranging numerous choral pieces widely sung across choir competitions in southern Africa. In 2007, after being voted off the top 12 contestants on South African Idols, he managed to get good reviews from a variety of radio djs across the country. It was at this point that he decided to pursue a solo music career. He has since worked and performed on various stages with various artists such as Zamajobe, Louise Carver, The Muffinz, to mention but a few. The sound of his music is leaning towards a jazz/afro-soul/classical/pop influence and cross-over, thus making it locally relevant and internationally appealing. In 2013 he independently released his first album called Songs of Brotherhood. He has been playlisted on various radio stations in South Africa and in October 2013 was invited to perform at a festival of music and arts in India.

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