Artist: Jenya Noble

“Sleep” by Jenya Noble (Russia)

Artist: Jenya Noble

Songname: Sleep

Song Credits: Evgeniya Idrisova

Image Credits: Natalya Notkina

About me:
Jenya Noble is a singer-songwriter based in Moscow.

How many Russian bands/artists are out there playing Reading and Download festivals each year? You guessed it: there are none! But there are a lot of those who are capable and work hard to get a chance to be heard.

The singer and her band position themselves as a light-alternative act, but always say its better to hear their music once than try describing the sound. Highly influenced by Evanescence, Linkin Park, Sam Smith, Bastille, the band have soaked in the best from their amazing music as well as from current pop tendencies.

“Sleep” is a song off The Answer EP released independently by Jenya Noble and band earlier this year. For more Jenya Noble music please click

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