Artist: Jana DeBusk

“It’s Not You” by Jana DeBusk (Netherlands)

Artist: Jana DeBusk

Songname: It’s Not You

Song Credits: Vocals, Piano, Music and Lyrics by Jana DeBusk. Recorded and Mixed by Max Low at These Outer Spaces, Brooklyn NY.

Image Credits: Photo by Brian McConkey. Owner is Jana DeBusk.

About me:
Hello All! I am a musician, writer, educator, and world wanderer. I spent most of my twenties in NYC, rocking the mic at the Iridium Jazz Club, The Bitter End, and the Delancey (among others), I toured the USA with my rock band Jana and the Bailout Boys before selling all my stuff and moving to Colombia where I sang with a Latin Jazz Band. I now live in Holland where I’m studying a Masters in Vocal Jazz. My research will connect vocal improvisation with Emotional Healing. I believe music can heal the whole world… don’t you? Hoping to reach you and sending good vibes. Un Abrazo Grande.

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