Artist: Vlad Bostan ft. TaYa

“Without you” by Vlad Bostan ft. TaYa (Russia)

Artist: Vlad Bostan ft. TaYa

Songname: Without you

Song Credits: Kutukova T. A.

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Duet Vlad Bostan ft. TaYa successfully broadcasted on more than 100 radio stations in Russia, Western and Asian countries. The boys clearly flew in the hit parades and for a short time gained a place of honor in the table hits of popular music. Their songs are actively heard on radio stations and downloaded by listeners. In September 2013, he was filmed debut video for the song “I am not I”. Clip supported the largest aggregator of music content in Eastern Europe, the channel ELLO. Since December 2013 the project was launched officially at the National Music Portal 1 channel “Red Star”. In April 2014 a contract was signed with the company Freestyle Records (Moscow). In January 2015 a contract was signed with the company distribyut The Orchard (USA).