Artist: Nenyaev Anton Alexandrovich

“Radio” by Nenyaev Anton Alexandrovich (Russia)

Artist: Nenyaev Anton Alexandrovich

Songname: Radio

Song Credits: Anton Nenyaev, Malyrovski

Image Credits: Anton Nenyaev

About me:
The young man, 28 years old. At school I started to listen a different kind of music. Which had a strong influence on me and I picked up a guitar to play my favorite things. I worked on playing for 5-6 hours a day with great enthusiasm and quickly learned to play something. Later, a few years later I realized that singing is more important than the guitar for me. One of the victoies in the vocal field is a regional competition “Battle of singers.” I won with a margin of a few points, it was an unforgettable feeling, I did not expect to win this competition, competitors were very strong. Later I took part in many local and regional competitions and festivals. At now, I sing a solo, composing music, writing for someone sometimes. Future plans – writing and producing the first album. This year I took part in the musical project on the federal channel Russia. And Eliminated in the final. I think that the important thing in music is always learning and developing.

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