Artist: Steel Drunk

“Zew Krwii (sic!)” by Steel Drunk (Poland)

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Artist: Steel Drunk

Songname: Zew Krwii (sic!)

Song Credits: (C) Steel Drunk

Image Credits: (C) Beata Piotrowska

About me:
I am Tomek. I’m eighteen, and… i know what i want!
3 years ago, i made my dreams come true – i started a band. I realized, it’s all what i want in my life! But then, we’ve lost our vocalist, but I didn’t give up, and i decided to start singing… and i fell in love with it!
Now I’m working hard with my voice and guitar, i want to become professional musician in both instruments. We’ve recorded our EP with Steel Drunk, and we are playing all around the Poland, planning next records.
We are working very hard, and be s(h)ure – We will get what we want, anyway!

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