Applause for the five winners of Shure Vocal Mastery

Artist: Christina Rotondo
“Holy” by Christina Rotondo (United Kingdom)
Artist: Lauren Ackie
“Rain” by Lauren Ackie (United Kingdom)
Artist: Maki Flow
“The Clock” by Maki Flow (Italy)
Artist: Sabelo Mthembu
“Counting on time” by Sabelo Mthembu (South Africa)
Artist: Sherpa
“Broken” by Sherpa (Denmark)

It’s a Wrap!

The five winners of Shure Vocal Mastery 2015 have had their trip to London to redeem their prizes.

All five of them experienced two exciting days packed with helpful advice and lots of fun. The first day, the winners took part in a vocal masterclass at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) with our jury members Jono McNeil and Erica Footman. On the second day, they could actually make use of their newly acquired vocal skills when they had the opportunity to record their song at the Metropolis Studios.

Watch the video to see the whole story